Saturday, January 31, 2009

Driving Through Cyberspace

Both a car and a computer are navigational tools with windshields. Just as we drive through the real world behind the wheel, we navigate cyberspace with a keyboard and mouse. PC Rides has combined the two into a single product experience.

The initial idea behind our Dodge Charger product was to transform the ugly, functional CPU box into an exciting new look that fully integrated a model car shell with the computer to appeal to automotive enthusiasts. As the design progressed, the shell and the computer grew together, with headlights linked to the power supply and taillights to hard disk activity. The goal was to have the car really come to life when booted.

As we continue to get input and reactions from around the world on this first-of-breed product, we are continuing to develop new levels to the design. In the future, for example, we will be looking to offer unique automotive cyber experiences to play on the car computer, including immersive multimedia and automotive themed gaming.


  1. I always love to check out the new versions of every car. I agree with you that basic model remains the same just the box keeps on improvising and getting into new looks. However, i believe that little bit of change can give an all new car.
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  2. I agree basic structure always remains the same. It is the added features which enhances the utility and the power of any car or machine. However, every new version comes as the best of its time.
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  3. como faço para adiquirir um desse